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A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away....


He was born in the year 3,744 BBY on Serenno into a politician family. In the very early years of his life his family was murdered during a Sith ambush. The young children Jacquizz and his older brother Dunta were taken by the Sith Lords after the massacre of their parents.

Soon the Sith Lords found out the brothers were extremely force sensitive. So they decided the children will be raised and taught by the Sith Code. First they got them separated from each other, Jacquizz was sent to Korriz, and Dunta was sent to an unknown place.

On Korriz Jacquizz met Darth Xa’bahh-Tarr who adopted the young boy as his child. Jacquizz became the youngest Apprentice ever of a Sith Master after he completed his Sith Trials. His stepfather took the place as Jacquizz’s Dark Master. The young Sith Apprentice took his Master’s legacy name.

In 3,721 BBY a mysterious Dark Lord appeared in Jacquizz’s dream once who didn’t reveal his identity. The Sith Lord showed the location of a holocron which proves that the Sith Clan is behind Jacquizz’s family murder who raised the young boy. Jacquizz became very furious and turned against his Master who was totally clear knowing about these dark secrets. Since Jacquizz didn’t have the abilities to take on a duel with his Master to defeat him escaped the planet Korriz with the help of the mysterious Dark Lord.

They travelled to Dromund Kaas, the capital of the Sith Empire. There the young Sith Warrior was introduced to the leaders of a great Sith Clan called The Sith’ari. Jacquizz joined the Clan and swore revenge on every single Sith who was involved in any level in his family’s massacre.
Now Jacquizz Xabi’raht-on is travelling the galaxy seeking his older brother Dunta and hunting down the Sith who he swore revenge against. During his missions he gains more and more power and dark knoweledge of the force on the Sith way...

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