Ranks and How to get them,

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Ranks and How to get them,

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:14 pm

Here is a bit about the ranking system in the guild.,For Rp-Pvp-PvE members.
Adept/Recruit--This is all members below lvl 20.
Lord--This is for all sith above lvl 20.
Mecenary--This is for bounty hunter above level 20.
Conspirator--This is for Agents above level 20.

There are also ranks for loyal members who help out in the guild
Darth -- For Sith members.
Moff/Most Wanted -- For Agents and Bounty Hunter

After this there are the titles only a honoured few will get.(loyalty and helping the guild and activity).
Imperial guard -- For agents and bounty hunters. max 10.(may change)
Dark council -- For all Sith classes. max 10.(may change)
Grand Moff - This is for my chief advisor. max 1.(may change) This place is vacant.
If there are any questions please direct them towards Lurdo in the guild or leave reply to the post.Thank you.


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